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Nov 1, 2013 10:30am PDT
that goal fox news. these terms of the brown bag and citizen ninety percent of americans of the cube expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch we had on a brown paper bag to work with themselves. let the court considered the land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race off anymore even remotely two listed races and needs to be banned between the giver of the warm blanket because the keys of native americans deceased or blankets to kill them on in the block to live with beans lead actor in that work to remember the separate drinking fountains segregated buses based on race in america. yeah so we can see those words anymore either or we might just possibly remember something at which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world and pleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people will compare the actual citizens legally kind of art. if you are afr
Nov 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to put too much on here. next step is we're gonna take our brown sugar. i have just regular brown sugar here, but you could use honey. just make sure it's nice and even, top to bottom. last but not least, we're gonna put a little bit of ground cinnamon. and, again, just a dash will do you. you don't want to put too much on there. once our bread's all seasoned up, we're gonna start rolling up our cinnamon roll. and to do that, all you do is you take the bottom, and you start rolling it up, little by little, starting from the bottom, all the way toward the top. i'm taking time just to roll it up nice and even. when you get to the top, we're gonna go ahead and pinch that seam closed so it doesn't come undone when cooking it. and then we're gonna roll it on its side and just even it out a little bit. i'm gonna take my chef's knife again, and we're gonna go ahead and just trim off the ends a little bit -- make them look a little bit nicer. and then we're gonna cut about one-inch cinnamon rolls. should be able to get about four out of the entire roll. i'm gonna take the cinnamon rolls, and we
Nov 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. and a late goal by dawn the current bailout allowed bottom of the table. brown shrine to upset third place labour prison. one nail. in other matches this weekend nuremberg last three nail to fiver. amber also lost home attendance inclined to head to berlin were surprised by sean i'm trying trying for our playing against wolfsburg in the late game. and this sunday's matches on earth will close mines. raymond face off against hannover on friday to armand hammer stuttgart six one. holland striker robert love and don't see was the star of the match scoring a hat trick for the home side dortmund is looking invincible own hometown where they've won six out of six this season as in friends got to wake up call. o'neill has come in handy but still not on the boards. the equaliser ten minutes later as defenders of cox's ninety angle in this corner kick. from then on it was old ordnance marketplace with his trademark speed and precision. two won the last time. most of the great strike double that of adults keystone of the show scoring in the fifty fourth minute it is just getting warmed up only two m
Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
for buyer natchez third science buyer labor treason suffered an upset defeat to bottom of the table brown's five. with less than ten minutes to go down the two male escort for the home side. the lone goal bound brown tried to claim their first home win of the season the simmons and lock box score their first away win of the season beating him her to yell and the full stride knox chris that's a thing for both goals moscow's is called the game winner for the bump with some help from her notes on the peanuts is old age the twenty third minute was intercepted opens his poorly paced back post and send it around goalkeeper many of them to open the scoring that wasn't the end so bases that knocks. sixty third minutes he lost the bolted on a midfield of siam. he then posted closer than it is his seventh goal of the season but didn't get done. twice as many shots on goal as their opponents but still to count the two lines and in the ends and came away empty handed. so let's take a look at this weekend's results there you see those victories by oxford and brandon as well in saturday's winners by mu
Nov 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
's been a cassini and a bad idea as a bookend to pay the fifty four he isn't that the brown takes us back now to then many adventists it's it's it's it's streaks first appeared on the pages of your magazine in nineteen fifty nine. but his story goes much further to a small village in gold in the year fifty bc. inspired by real life police chieftains streaks and his sidekick all the links heal from the only village to live successfully resisted roman invasion the asterix series was dreamt up by illustrator out there would arizona and rancor renee go see the they make countless historical allusions to france's placing adsense tips. david isn't that the savings account and send them a sense of when i say this is a legitimate and lawful would like to eat the good news in the usa from rough sketches in the nineteen forties streaks evolved into the wisest warrior in the village successfully defending their corner of the whole month on streaks unknowable makes more toned to britain to help fight the romans to switzerland to find a flower to make an antidote for a poisoned villager. and to egypt
Nov 4, 2013 11:00am PST
trade and one can see the rba is brown. and. the islamists rebel group fourteen against the regime of syrian president charlotte sell its form its own airports the army of islam published a youtube video last week which showcases two l thirty nine c a fighter aircraft was to capture earlier in the year from the syrian air force base piece of aleppo the footage only shows the aircraft taxied down the runway and it is not known if the islamist militia has experienced personnel needed to fly the planes some forces have been using nail thirty guys in combat throughout the series civil war. while assad has maintained its exterior and the fact that his forces had been using l thirty nine indicates that the syrian air force is having trouble using its more advanced russian jets according to aeronautics live their cache. two things to him it's been killed in northern mali. they had interviewed a local representative of my experience at least been fighting for independence the french government confirmed that sixty year old claude prolonged and fifty twenty oh two to the depot had been abdu
Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
love brown rice this is all going to be wonderful. and they never talk to stop the heart now taken a step taken a step further. d the keyword for the new generation is disruption bergamot disrupt information we're going to disrupt the media. were this disruption is going to leave will be interesting to see but i should note that nobody cares other than glenn greenwald. and i'm snowed in the causes and due to correct me if i'm my analysis is wrong to join dietician generation. there's a lot of huffing and puffing but there's no blow in your house down like there was fury the demonstrations in the sixties and seventies against nixon against the war in vietnam and other things there you see only a few hundred people out on her hip and that they do question was how much of this is invasion of privacy or espionage and how much this is for business purposes. and i think the answer depends on who's doing it. right so you have all of these social media sites where their business model is collecting customer information and using it to sell to advertisers to create profiles and i think what
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)